Creative Learning through Arts Workshop
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The Arts Council of Wales is a Welsh Government-sponsored body, responsible for funding and developing the arts in Wales. Arts Council strongly believe that creativity matters, and strive to see the creative skills of learners developed across the school curriculum. Acting on this Arts Council has put together Creative Learning through the Arts Action Plan which provides a pathway for children and young people in Wales to gain access to the arts. They provide range of opportunities that focus on participation and the development of creative skills. At Agastya, Jen and Daniel adapted their 'creative learning through arts' curriculum to our context and engaged Agastya's trainers in dialogue on creativity and how to foster it.

About Presenter
Daniel Trivedy Regional Manager, Arts Council of Wales

Daniel Trivedy is a regional manager at Arts Council of Wales, working on the Lead Creative School Program. The scheme is designed to place Creative Practitioners into schools in order to raise attainment.

Jen Angharad Movement and Art Practitioner

Jen is a movement and art practitioner. She works as a creative agent in the Creative Learning through Arts program run Arts Council of Wales. Additionally she produces and manages community art projects/

  • Completed
  • 26-Feb-2019 to 28-Feb-2019