NID Exhbition batch Project
Jonak Das | Associate Professor, National Institute of Design

Integrating Sarga Samvad with Design Poetics, Agastya engaged faculty and students from National Institute of Design (NID) for 21 days project workshop. 14 students from Exhibition Design batch spent the duration understanding Agastya’s pedagogy / model of working and set about creating works which blended with this. The batch was guided by Jonak Das (Associate Professor, Senior Designer, NID) and Pritesh Maru (Visiting Faculty, NID). The students created works for Sensorium lab, Physics lab, Creative Corner Lab, Biology and Ecology Labs. Post the workshop NID and Agastya have mutually expressed interest to engage further through student projects, elective course work, faculty projects etc.

About Presenter
Jonak Das Associate Professor, National Institute of Design
Jonak has had over eighteen years of professional experience in the domain of Spatial Environment, Products and Experience design, as well as Branding and Communication design – and has worked on over fifty projects in the domains of Museum, Exhibition, Interior (Retail, Office and Hospitality), Signage systems, Environmental branding and Event design and developing products and systems for these sectors. He has worked with various Design firms based in Delhi and has done product development projects for private firms, institutes and NGOs as a consultant, and worked as a research associate and field researcher on the NID publication - The Handbook of Handicrafts. At NID, Jonak has been taking courses in Exhibition, Foundation and Product design – on Spatial Design, Materials, Geometry and Form. Design of Learning environments and Pedagogical processes, structure & methodology for design as well as for school education, are his primary research interests. He is an avid reader and loves to trave
  • Completed
  • 08-Jul-2019 to 27-Jul-2019