Brainstorming session on Ancient Indian Mathematic
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The brainstorming session was focused on bringing experts in this field to Agastya’s campus, introduce them to philosophy of Agastya, the existing interactive Math lab and engage them in a creative discussion on relevance of Indian Mathematics and how to integrate it into present day curriculum.

About Presenter
Dr. M. D Srinivas Chairman, Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai

Dr. M D Srinivas is the Chairman, Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai. He holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Rochester, New York, USA. He also has over three decades of teaching experience and many papers, both in national and international journals, to his credits. He has traced the history of Indian mathematics for the past two millennia. He has shown how mathematics in India evolved independently of European mathematics and how it is fundamentally different.

Dr. K. Gopinath Professor, Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Dr K. Gopinath is professor at Indian Institute of Science in the Computer Science and Automation Department. His research interests are in the computer systems area (Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Systems Security and Systems Verification). He is currently an associate editor of IEEE Computer Society Letters and of ACM Trans. on Storage.

Dr Shailaja D Sharma Adjunct faculty, National Institute for Advanced Studies, Bengaluru

Dr Shailaja D Sharma has PhD in Mathematics from IIT Bombay. She is a statistician with a background in development research and tremendous enthusiasm for insightful dialogue. She was earlier with the World Bank and Shell. She has worked in the energy and education industries, the development sector and the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. During her 12 years in Shell India, she worked closely with the Scenarios team, using the findings in climate policy advocacy.

  • Completed
  • 14-May-2018 to 15-May-2018