EXPLO @ Agastya
Explo | Learning through exploration

Moira Kelly and Dave Hamilton will engage the students and faculty at Agastya through their innovative workshop aimed to foster exploration through observation and questioning and on how to identify challenges and collaboratively and sophisticated solutions.

About Presenter
Moira Kelly President and Executive Director, EXPLO, Boston

Moira Kelly is Exploration's President and Executive director. Her education career includes work at Upward Bound, a federally funded pre-college program for low-income students, teaching high school English and serving as a dean at Northeld Mount Hermon School. She was a long time board member of the Association of Independent Schools in New England, serves on the national admissions board for Bowdoin College, and is on the Dean of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council for Bentley University. Moira was a Rotary Foundation Fellow at the University of Nottingham, England, a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, Canada, and earned her juris doctorate from Boston University. Every four years she serves as associate producer of the Commission on Presidential Debates, the organization that produces all of the general election U.S. presidential and vice-presidential debates.

Dave Hamilton Creative Director and Director, EXPLO Studio, EXPLO, Boston

People will tell you Dave Hamilton is the most creative person they know. He began his college life as a Engineering Physics major. Late one night, while forging a mobile out of rebar and a recycled 50 gallon oil drum, he realized his true calling was art and, soon after, transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design. He started with EXPLO in 1997 teaching Darkroom Photography and Sculpture. Since then he has done all manner of work from being the Director of Publications, to designing and building street luges, hovercrafts, rocket launchers, a mousetrap powered Ferris Wheel, even a kit that allows students to practice installing a stent for a medical course. DaveĆ­s latest endeavor is heading up EXPLO Studio where he and his team use humble classroom materials (index cards, paperclips, elastic bands) to develop innovative STEAM courses used with students in schools around the U.S. and with educators in professional learning workshops and camps.

  • Completed
  • 26-Sep-2018 to 27-Sep-2018