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Dr. M.M.N. Venkatesha, Registrar Karnataka Folklore University, along with folklore artists Peethambaran Asan and Dr. Balaji Naik organized an immersive folklore workshop at Agastya’s creativity campus. On the first two days of the workshop, art corners were set up for children to get a glimpse into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the art forms- from the story behind it, to costume, make-up and much more. The 3-day workshop culminated with 3 teams decking the stage with their vibrant performances. Through the workshop, the participants explored three celebrated art forms- Leather Puppetry (Thol Bommalata) from Karnataka, led by Dr. Venkatesha; Thirayattam art form from Kerala, led by Peethambaran Asan and Urumulu Dance for from Andhra Pradesh, led by Dr. Naik.

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Dr. M M N Venkatesha (Registrar, Karnataka Folklore University) & Team , Peethambaran Asan (Ethnic Arts Council of India) & Team, Dr. Baloji Naik (Lecturer, St. Mary’s Educational Institutions) & Team

  • Completed
  • 20-Dec-2018 to 22-Dec-2018