Workshop on Foot Painting
Sheela Sharma | Foot Artist

Sheela Sharma is a differently abled artist (foot artist) who made her mark across India. She experientially inspired the staff and children of Agastya alike by narrating her struggle and hard work which enabled her to create detailed paintings just by using her foot. She created 5 paintings during her session with support of children and Agastya Art instructors. The interaction was highly inspiring as she was demonstrating her skill and perseverance.

About Presenter
Sheela Sharma Foot Artist
Sheela Sharma was born in Gorakhpur (U.P.) in 1968. She met with a train accident at the tender age of only four years and lost both of her arms in the mishap. Sheela was sent to a local primary school where she proved to be an excellent student and developed the faculty of holding articles with her mouth and feet which, in normal circumstances, would have found their place between her thumb and finger. Sheela was fond of making photographs and drawing sketches of people and natural scenes right from her childhood. She use to make geometrical diagrams, biological drawings of frogs, birds etc for her friends and even teachers, besides preparing her own practical file. After having completed her school education, Sheela succeeded in successfully completing her bachelors degree in fine arts. During her school days she participated in many art competitions where she was never a disappointed participant. Sheela has been a member of MFPA since 1999 and has conducted several solo exhibitions including one at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumba
  • Completed
  • 24-Apr-2018 to 29-Apr-2018