Thirayattam: Performance art
Ethnic Arts Council of India | Folkart Group from Kerala

Performers from Ethnic Arts Council of India spent a day with Agastya students and staff, introducing them to Kerala performance Art form – Thirayattam. The performers described the stories that are part of the performance and took the audience through the elaborate process of preparation. This visit will also serve as a precursor to a folklore conclave that will be scheduled as a part of Sarga Samvad for rejuvenating children’s interest in ethnic Indian art forms and enthusing them adopt these.

About Presenter
Ethnic Arts Council of India FolkArt Group

Ethnic Arts Council of India (EACI) Profit Organization committed to the upliftment of all Ethnic, Folk and other intangible performing arts of India and the community of artists/performers associated with these art-forms.

  • Completed
  • 10-Aug-2018 to 10-Aug-2018