Paul Collard @ Agastya
Paul Collard | Chief Executive, CCE

Paul will spend time understanding the different initiatives Agastya established for its beneficiaries. Paul brainstormed with senior management, academic director, master training group and staff about the creative practices that’s followed at Agastya. Using his experience Paul will develop training models which can be implemented with the help of Arts Council of Wales

About Presenter
Paul Collard Chief Executive, CCE
As Chief Executive of CCE, Paul Collard is responsible for the organisation, its policy and long-term strategic direction. Paul undertakes work internationally, developing and supporting educational programmes in many countries, advising governments, regional authorities and cities on their work with children and young people and is much in demand as a speaker and consultant. Paul has over 30 years’ experience of working in the arts and is an expert in delivering programmes that use creativity and culture as drivers of social and economic change. He joined the UK Government’s flagship creative learning programme, Creative Partnerships in January 2005 and played a crucial role in clarifying its purpose and streamlining the delivery of the programme in schools. In 2008, he led a relaunch of the Creative Partnerships schools programme while also assuming responsibility for Find Your Talent, the Government’s pilot cultural offer for all children and young people. To manage these programmes, he created CCE, which delivered more than £50 million of Government cultural education programmes each year. Paul has overseen the development of CCE from an organisation that delivered the Creative Partnerships programme in England to its emergence as an international consultancy that designs and delivers bespoke creative learning programmes in countries across the globe. Paul has a particular interest in the role of arts and culture in urban regeneration. He wrote a report on the subject for the UK Government, which argued in favour of many of the strategies that are now commonplace in culturally-led urban regeneration projects. He implemented many of his ideas between 1993-97 in the North East of England where he developed programmes which led to the creation of the Angel of the North and Baltic. He was also successful in implementing this approach in New Haven Connecticut through the creation of a major international arts festival in partnership with Yale University and the City of New Haven.
  • Completed
  • 17-Jan-2019 to 05-Feb-2019