Music Conclave
Music Conclave | Musicians & Educators

The conclave brought together 5 expert musicians and educators, to foster a discussion on what music education can do for learning. Shruthi, Yuji, Priya, Niti and Shruteendra worked together with the students and instructors at Agastya to explore various facets of music – from understanding rhythms to songwriting to using different instruments to create a musical piece. The students also got the opportunity to explore how the human body behaves when a person is singing and how various intonations are produced. The group also discussed with the instructors of how elements of music can be used as tools in classroom teaching.

About Presenter
Shruthi Vishwanath Musician & Educator

hruthi Vishwanath is a musician and educator. She has an MSc in economics and a BE in chemical engineering, and now divides her time between performing as one of the foremost folk-classical musicians of her generation and working with organizations as an educator to bridge the gap between learning science, and the arts, taking a holistic approach to education. Shruthi has performed around the world, including the Kabir Festival, Indonesia Channel, and in venues across Europe.

Priya Purushottaman Hindustani Singer

With decades of experience in both Hindustani and Carnatic music, she is considered one of the finest voices in Hindustani music today. Priya teachers in a classical style, after having undergone rigorous training in the gurukul system. She has performed all over the globe, including in the USA, UK and various sabhas and festivals in India.

Yuji Nakagawa Sarangi Artist

A Japanese born musician, Yuji is one of the foremost sarangi exponents of India. He brings a nuanced understanding of learning across cultures, of instruments and voice, and bridging cultural barriers with song. He has performed all over the globe, including in Europe, Japan, Singapore and India.

Niti Pandey Singer & Songwriter

A singer-songwriter based out of Delhi, Neeti has several years experience working with marginalized children on songwriting to heal individuals and communities. She is the lead singer with the Delhi band Manzil Mystics, based out of the NGO Manzil.

Shruteendra Katagade Tabla Artist

One of the rising stars of the Punjab gharana of Tabla, Shruteendra brings extensive experience teaching percussions at the GD Somani international school. He will bring his work with children and his understanding of rhythm to create systems of learning. He has performed at major festivals in India, and abroad in Singapore.

  • Completed
  • 06-Mar-2019 to 08-Mar-2019